Zoomorfismo Meridiano

Zoomorfismo Meridiano — ongoing

Benedetta Casagrande & Leonardo Falascone



Origin – Memory – Enchantment – Apparition

“The place of origin, that receptacle so far away from any accessible space, is postulated as unimaginable, and it actually is so. Yet, the word unimaginable, which designates the afterworld of all images, might also be suggesting that a place could be invented where all images coexist, condense, move, inaccessible only to the gaze of whom has no access to the sphere of dreams or to the great pathway to ecstasy.” - The Accidental Knowledge, Georges Didi-Huberman

Zoomorfismo Meridiano is a four-handed project developing in collaboration with Leonardo Falascone, exploring the relationship between memory and imagination in the production of historical knowledge in landscape. Contemplating the loss of childhood and the survival of it’s nightmares and dreams, we approach memory as a derivate of childhood and it’s enchantments; as pictured by the etymology of the word “enchantment; “an act of witchcraft; use of magic; bewitch; charm”. Quoting Luigi Ghirri; “it is in this mutation, this passage from the world of the fable to the world of the fantastic, through which we can explain the disturbing serenity that inhabits places and landscapes, once again inhabited by mystery.” (Gran Bazar, 1988)

Our research is based in our homeland, with a particular focus towards nameless architectures; traces of how humans inhabited the landscape, ruins that exist in the interstice between reality and imagination, memory and oblivion. Objects collected from our explorations as if in a personal Wunderkammern; a trajectory of research which attempts to define the borders of Identity in the abyss of origins.